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Habit of daily Eyelid Hygiene will support Healthy Vision

Learn how eye hygiene can protect your cornea The cornea is a very important part of your eye. Your cornea is dome-like in shape and transparent, situated at the front part of the eye. It functions like the lens of a camera, focusing light onto the retina. It also has nerves which make us alert […]

Oculeaf Eyelids Wipes a new standard for Eye Care

Why Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes are the best for daily eyecare The skin around the eyes or the eye contour is the most sensitive part of the eye, as well as the body. Your ‘windows to the world’ are exposed directly to the external environment. You have to protect your eyes from the dust, pollution, exudation, […]

The most important pathological effects of pollution are indirect on Eyes & extremely harmful…

Combat effects of air pollution on eyes Living in any metro in India has become quite challenging with a myriad of problems, including extremely high air pollution levels. Every day you glance at the newspaper and one of the first things you will see is a report on how bad the air quality was the […]

Dry Eyes, Headaches and Blurry Vision – you may be suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

For the most part of the day, we spend our time in front of a computer or digital device screen. It’s a combination of work, surfing the net, playing games on screens and connecting with others on social media. Staring at the computer screen for hours on end gives rise to a host of eye […]

Tea Tree Oil or TTO offers best solution for Eyelid & Eyelashes Hygiene

Tea tree oil or TTO is perhaps one of the most popularly used and studied natural/ essential oils on the planet right now. It’s used to treat both eye problems and skin problems. Tea tree oil is derived from the woody, shrub-like tree which grows in Australia. The scientific name for this tree is ‘Melaleuca […]

5 BEST TIPS to protect your eyes from the effects of Dust and Pollution

The dust and pollution level in cities are increasing every day. Every time you go out, your eyes take the brunt of it, and fill with minute dust particles some time having harmful germs present in the atmosphere. Even if you’re at home, having a regular eye cleaning routine will keep your eyes safe from […]

Know more about Blepharitis, Causes and managing Eyelid Hygiene.

1. What is Cylindrical Dandruff? Debris generated from the mites accumulates at the root of the lashes and is clinically observed as a gelatinous cylindrical ‘sleeve’ or cylindrical dandruff(CD) at the base of the eyelash, which are pathognomonic for mite infestation. 2. What are the symptoms of eyelash mites? Blepharitis. This is eyelid inflammation that […]

Habit of Eyelids cleaning everyday likebrushing your teeth, will make your eyes healthy, sparkling and confident.

Eyelid hygiene Is the most important for all of us. Cleaning the eyes every day like doing teeth brushing is essential to avoid infections and allergies. Just splashing your eyes with plain water is not enough – experts suggest that you should use eyelid wipes every day to avoid conditions like Blepharitis, Meibomitis, and many […]

In most cases Blepharitis is caused by Demodex and needs an aggressive management by doctors & patients

Role of Demodex in Ocular diseases Demodex, better known as ‘eyelash mites’ inhabit hair follicles or the oil glands around the eyes. These mites cannot be seen with the naked eyes, even though you may peer hard at the mirror trying to find them. These microscopic mites belong to the arachnid family, that means they […]

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