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Welcome to Ophthals Forum, especially created to facilitate discussion among peer professional group on the key issues being faced in day-to-day ophthalmic practice. The forum will also update its registered members on new advancements in clinical ophthalmology practice and foster learnings from experiences of each other. Eyelid Hygiene is the new buzz-word considering the ever-increasing uses of eyes. Patients demand better care and results. Problems like Eyelid inflammation, Eyelid irritation, Excessive tearing, burning sensation in Eyelids, Debris or discharge, and Dry Eye conditions are all very commonly witnessed in daily ophthalmic practice. Every day Eyelid & Eyelashes cleansing is most desirable not only for the patients with these problems but also individuals with healthy eyes for maintaining good eye health.

Demodex Mites, widely prevalent in eyes, are now proven to be the major cause of Blepharitis especially the Cylindrical Blepharitis. Demodex folliculorum is found in the lash follicle, whereas Demodex brevis burrows deep in the lash’s sebaceous gland and the meibomian gland.

It’s time we relieve eyes from Demodex.

Air pollutants and dust in the environment, uncleaned water, unhygienic hands, rubbing of eyes, etc are a potential source for infections causing eye disorders, including serious disorders in many instances. We need better awareness for keeping eyes clean, and need daily eye hygiene habits and products to ensure that eyes are free from any kind of contamination.

With the availability of new products such as Oculeaf Soft Eyelid Cleanser and Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes, it is an opportune time for creating awareness of pursuing daily Eyelid Hygiene in the same manner as we pursue oral hygiene every day. Clean & sparkling Eyes will make an individual more beautiful and confident.

Meet Eyelid Hygiene Advocacy Experts

Some of the most accomplished Ophthalmologists are advisors on Ophthals Forum. They will be contributing articles, blogs, video, presentations, & webinars to help others. Efforts are made to update the website regularly and inform all members of the updates through mail, SMS, Whatsapp, etc. The forum allows sharing of views, opinions, and experiences that will benefit all professional members visiting Ophthals Forum.

Dr Shashi Kapoor

Ophthalmologist, Mumbai

Eyelids cleaning is as important as daily teeth brushing. I encourage every person to undertake everyday Eyelids cleaning. Now we have available inn [...]

Dr. Hitendra Ahooja

Ophthalmologist, Gurgaon

Dr Hitendra Ahooja is the Medical Director of Ahooja Eye & Dental Institute, Gurgaon and Niramaya Charitable Trust & Y.P. Mahindru Niramaya Ey [...]

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