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Waypham Leadership

Find purpose. The means will follow

Waypham is fundamentally about people and our ability to create a sustainable relationship with our customers. You will find very hardworking individuals and experienced eye care professionals who have joined us and are growing strong teams to drive objectives with PRIDE – Passion, Respect, Integrity, Delivery and Excellence, our core values.

This tenacious attitude, combined with a leadership team possessing a vast amount of experience, differentiates us as we bring value to eye health.

Waypham is also collaborating with leading agencies and consultants in areas of Regulatory, Medical Affairs, Quality Control, Legal, IT to support its business activities.

Waypham Leadership

Siddharth Paramhans

Founder CEO & Director Waypham

Siddharth Paramhans is the Founder, CEO, & Director of Waypham India. He is credited with 40 years of success in establishing and leading specialt [...]

Meera Siddharth

Founder Director Waypham

Meera Siddharth is a post graduate in English literature and is a Bachelor of Education. She has been a teacher at a Gurgaon based NGO dedicated to he [...]

Sushil K Kumra

Mentor and Guide

Mr Sushil K Kumra, a pharma veteran and visionary leader, with over four decades of experience in Indian & international markets is mentoring Wayp [...]

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