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opportunity to associate with Waypham as Franchise

Why should I become a Waypham Franchise?

Waypham is founded by a highly experienced Eye care focused products team. Waypham founders have over 30 years of experience in bringing pharmaceutical products and over 20 years in bringing Eye care products to the Indian subcontinent. Now, Waypham’s focus is to build a new concept for Eye Hygiene products in India. With a total addressable market of over 1.3 BN people, Waypham is the only company to focus on Eye Hygiene in India. Waypham has identified large gaps in available products for managing Dry eye disease, Blepharitis & Meibomitis. Waypham’s first product offerings will be Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes, Oculeaf Soft Eyelid Cleanser and a range of high-quality lubricant eye drops. Waypham’s team comprises the most talented and accomplished professionals in the industry with strong customers relationship. This is a compelling opportunity for any ambitious pharmaceutical minded business to get in early as a franchise and join hands with Waypham in bringing Eye Hygiene to India.


Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes and Oculeaf Eyelid Cleanser are created to prevent & manage Blepharitis and Dry eye disease. After completing a survey of leading eye care professionals, a majority have expressed a need for eye hygiene products and agreed that Eye Hygiene is the most essential area for Eye Health. Waypham has set a strategic plan to use digital marketing mediums to penetrate the market quickly and reach the broadest mindshare of eye care professionals and consumers in India – including eye doctors, optometrists, pharmacies and patients. With rising trends in digital content consumption and rising pollution levels in India – eye health has become a priority. This is a good time to influence a regular habit of taking care of eye hygiene, just like we once learned how to take care of our oral hygiene. As part of this mission, you have an opportunity to partner with Waypham as a franchise in your preferred geographic market. Together, let’s create a path for rapid growth and lasting impact.

What is our Franchise model?

  • Waypham aims to reach Eye Care practitioners through formally appointed Franchises in preferred geographies. As a Waypham Franchise, you will get quick and early recognition with customers through our flagship brand of products – OCULEAF.
  • As Waypham works hard to create product awareness through digital mediums, you will have an opportunity to influence and build stronger connections with customers in person. Waypham will work with you and for you to create a foundation for rapid growth.
  • Your team will gain technical and business operation skills from the most experienced eye care focused team in India, to become successful in promoting eye care management products, specializing in eye health & eye hygiene. You will also have the opportunity to develop high-value relationships with eye care practitioners in India.
  • Ultimately, you will become partners in bringing a revolution in India in Eye Hygiene and help Indians make a conscious decision to take care of their eyes. Of course, this will be a very financially rewarding experience.

Who can become a Waypham Franchise?

Please look at the four questions listed below. If you answer YES to 3 or more then we should talk about how you can become a Waypham Franchise.

  • Are you hungry to build a new business, have a strong ownership mentality, and an entrepreneurial bent?
  • Do you have any existing relationships with eye care doctors and professionals? (preferred but not necessary)
  • Can you build a small team in your geographic area? (Of course, Waypham will provide support)
  • Can you make an initial capital investment of INR 4-5 Lacs to start the business? (investment will grow gradually as your business grows).

This is a rare opportunity to be on the ground floor of a fast-growing Eye care company in India and increase your earning potential by manifold. Please send us details of your name, company name, contact number, office address, and email ID. Our leadership will personally get in touch with you and help you get started.

We’re excited to partner with you on your journey as an ENTREPRENEUR


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