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Why eye health matters in India?

Clean and sparkling eyes speak for themselves

Vision care in India is largely focused on treating eye disorders, yet many eye diseases are preventable. A change is needed in eye care approach towards complete eye health management starting from better patient awareness, preventive measures, improved Eye Hygiene habits, and Eye Nutrition. A lot of work remains to be done to improve eye and eyelid hygiene habits. These habits can improve your eye health and bring longevity to good vision. Waypham would like to help people make a conscious decision of taking care of their eyes, by making them aware of preventive measures and eye hygiene best practices, and by introducing forward-thinking products for eye and eyelid hygiene, ocular lubrication, and ocular nutrition. These products will act as a complete solution to prevent or minimize many eye disorders such as blepharitis, MGD, and dry eye, and bring better vision to the nation. With Waypham you will See Happy.

Importance of Eyelid Hygiene

Regular and complete daily hygiene of eyes is important. This is applicable for both patients who receive treatment and in healthy people. Air pollution, unclean water, unhygienic hands, the act of rubbing eyes, etc are all potential sources of infections which can cause eye disorders, and sometimes even lead to serious diseases. Thus, there needs to be better awareness to keep eyes clean and inculcate daily eye hygiene habits aided by products that help in keeping eyes free from any kind of contamination.

Do you clean your teeth every day? Most people will say yes, as this is a good habit that has been developed in our society, and has given us healthy teeth, contributing to better oral health. Can the same be said for our eyes? Maybe not. We live in a world that is increasingly getting more and more polluted with dust particles, smoke particles, and bacteria that stick to the outer surfaces of our eyes. Add to this the increasing use of devices such as computers, laptops, and smartphones that put strain on our eyes. And for women also add eye make-up, which is not easy to remove and whose residues remain in the eyes. If we start appreciating this, we may realize how our eyes, which are perhaps one of our most valuable organs, have increasingly come under a lot of distress. Should we consider dealing with this change in a proactive manner? We think yes.

By cleaning eyelids, eyelashes, and eyebrows, the external structure of the eye, one can keep their eyes clean and healthy. One can also avoid many symptoms such as itching, burning sensation, an urge to rub one’s eyes, which potentially can lead to other disorders such as blepharitis and dry eyes. So, it’s important that one cleans eyelids daily as one cleans teeth in the morning.

Makeup has become part of everyday life. Did you know that many chemicals used in these makeup materials can reach ones eyes and can damage them? These materials must be cleaned effectively every day so that eyelids and eyelashes remain clean without any residue of chemicals, debris, and deposits. This should be part of a daily routine and hygiene process.

Eye hygiene is even more important for young children, whose natural systems of self-defense have not been fully developed yet. Healthcare professionals recommend removing conjunctival mucous secretion which is present on eyelids and eyelashes upon waking up in the morning and can cause irritation in the delicate skin of children.

Importance of Eye Lubrication

High-quality lubricating drops are important to wet the corneal surface and provide essential nourishment to eyes. With the right lubricating eye drops – many surface diseases, potentially caused by long exposure to screens can be prevented. Long exposure to modern gadgets such as smartphones, computers, TV, etc has an adverse effect on the act of blinking eyes. Less eye blinking leads to less tear secretion, which ultimately causes dryness and itchiness. High-quality eye lubricants can be advantageous in restoring tears in eyes and alleviating symptoms. Waypham has introduced internationally accepted – ‘sodium hyaluronate’ and “CMC’ formulations eye lubricants and eye drop with ‘Ocuvana HA’ and ‘Eyeway Tears’ which will help in providing better support for eyes.

Importance of Eye Nutrition

If not more, eye nutrition is equally important for eye health. While diseased eyes can be treated with a high probability of success by eye doctors, the most effective strategy for good eye health is prevention. Healthy nutrients available in diet and supplements can optimize and improve eye health effectively. Clinical studies have proved that supplements like Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Carotenoids, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and other nutrients such as Omega 3 FA play an important role in improving eye health. Salmon fish or flax seeds are key sources of Omega 3 FA, and marigold flower contains Lutein. It can often be challenging to consume these essential nutrients in required amounts due to lack of availability of their sources in our diet. Taking supplements can fill the gaps.

Ageing is a key reason for many eye diseases in the elderly. It has been clinically proven that ocular nutritional supplements can play a tremendous role in effectively alleviating the elderly from diseases like ARMD (age-related macular degeneration), DR(diabetic retinopathy) and dry eye. Similarly, dietary nutrition supplements are helpful in alleviating and fighting many eye diseases in children and can lead to better eyes for them in the future.

Multivitamins, Vitamin D, Omega 3 FA (DHA/EPA) and other such nutrients are all important for daily intake.

Customers Speak

  • My doctor used Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes once on me in her clinic and asked me to keep using them at home. After experiencing how much fresher and cleaner my lids felt, I cannot imagine being without them.
    Maneesh Jaikrishna
  • I have been using Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes now routinely every day. I find it very useful in keeping Eye contour, & Eyelids cleaned and moistened. Oculeaf is Tea Tree Oil based Eyelids Wipes with Hydrating agents like Sod. Hyaluronate, Glycerin and Aqua water for daily eyelid Cleaning. I also find Oculeaf Wipes useful in removing dust & pollution around Eyes & Face.
    Amazon User
  • Happy to have first specialised product in India for daily Eye contour, Eyelid & Eyelashes cleaning - Oculeaf Soft Eyelid Cleanser makes my eyes fresh and shining. Value to money compare to very expensive products available on line.
    Amazon User
  • I have used Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes and liked it. After using it, the eyes feels relaxed and clean. It soothes my eyes.
    Amazon User
  • It’s a really good product for removing eye make-up. I use the best products but realised that even the most non irritating make up removers were causing redness and irritation in my eyes. My Clinique balm, which is the best make up remover I have tried also started causing redness in my eyes after a year of use. I gave Oculeaf a try and it’s super gentle and effective. Doesn’t irritate eyes even a bit. Recommended.
    Amazon User
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