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Why eye hygiene is required for contact lens wearers…

Contact lens wearers need to take the proper care both of their lenses and hygiene of eyes. The lenses are in direct contact with the eyes and if they are not maintained/cleaned well then you can suffer from eye infections. The CDC reports that people do not seem to understand the risk that they take […]

Get rid of Demodex mites right now, these commonly find on eyelids and eyelashes!

Are your eyes red, watering and itching? You may feel there is something stuck in your eyes, have sticky discharge and inflammation. You are facing constant discomfort, even though you may have reduced your work on the screen and resting your eyes. Or, you may suddenly be facing an outbreak of acne and there is […]

Why it’s important to remove makeup before sleeping…

Removing makeup before sleeping is a rule which you have to establish for yourself. All the cleansers in the market are not there for nothing – it is an important message that just as looking good boosts your mood, a cleansed skin will boost your skin health. If you look at the beauty routine of […]

Eyecare during the Coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus, which started in China, has now spread to over 200 countries, and infected more than 4.1 Mn people globally. It is a highly contagious disease, as it is transmitted from person to person. Even countries with the most developed healthcare systems are finding it hard to beat back the virus. Europe & USA have […]

Demodex mites will be more active in low immunity individuals

Demodex mites live inside the follicles of the hair on your face, the type of Demodex known as D. folliculorum. The eyelashes and the eyelids are most prone to demodex mites. As, the mites are very small, microscopic rather, in size, you cannot spot them with naked eyes. These are naturally occurring mites, but they […]

Protect your loved ones – Wash your hands, face, and eyes regularly

Eye hygiene is not a conscious effort for most people. All we do is wash our faces in the morning, after we brush our teeth, and wash with water again before sleeping. Some of us may have a daily face cleaning routine, but even then, the eyes are left out. All the dust, grime, microbes, […]

Why do mothers need to practice eyelid hygiene?

A mother’s role is not confined to providing healthy and delicious food. She is a manager, disciplinarian, psychologist (when she listens to everyone), and most of all, she is the best teacher anyone can have. We learn everything from our mothers –  basic hygiene such as brushing our teeth, how to eat and stay healthy, […]

Manage contact lens discomfort with Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes

Wearing contact lens has many advantages but some people suffer from contact lens discomfort. A study by the American Academy of Ophthalmology revealed that among young adults, 25% of visits to the ophthalmology is due to eye problems due to contact lenses. If you wear contact lens, you may be quite happy with them. On […]

Habit of daily Eyelid Hygiene will support Healthy Vision

Learn how eye hygiene can protect your cornea The cornea is a very important part of your eye. Your cornea is dome-like in shape and transparent, situated at the front part of the eye. It functions like the lens of a camera, focusing light onto the retina. It also has nerves which make us alert […]

Why You Should Clean Eyelids Before Eye Surgery

It is imperative to clean your eyelids before any eye operation/surgery. Sometimes there might be some early signs of infection, such as microscopic scales which are not visible to you, but your eye surgeon spots it and asks you to follow a daily eyelid cleaning routine. Even if there is no infection, daily eye hygiene […]

The most important pathological effects of pollution are indirect on Eyes & extremely harmful…

Combat effects of air pollution on eyes Living in any metro in India has become quite challenging with a myriad of problems, including extremely high air pollution levels. Every day you glance at the newspaper and one of the first things you will see is a report on how bad the air quality was the […]

Oculeaf Eyelids Wipes, a new standard for Eye Care

The skin around the eyes or the eye contour is the most sensitive part of the eye, as well as the body. Your ‘windows to the world’ are exposed directly to the external environment. You have to protect your eyes from the dust, pollution, exudation, oil, allergens, debris, and bacteria with regular eye hygiene. Establishing […]

Know the mites those causing discomforts in your eyes

Demodex is an ectoparasite. Among the many Demodex species, only D. folliculorum and D. brevis are found on the human body, including the face, cheeks, forehead, nose, and eyelids. On eyelids, D. folliculorum lives in the eyelash follicles and D. Brevis lives deep in the meibomian glands and the sebaceous glands of the lashes. Many […]

Tea Tree Oil or TTO offers best solution for Eyelid & Eyelashes Hygiene

Tea tree oil or TTO is perhaps one of the most popularly used and studied natural/ essential oils on the planet right now. It is used to treat both eye problems and skin problems. Tea tree oil is derived from the woody, shrub-like tree which grows in Australia. The scientific name for the tree is […]

5 BEST TIPS to protect your eyes from the effects of Dust and Pollution

The dust and pollution level in cities is increasing every day. Every time you go out, your eyes take the brunt of it. Exposure to dust and pollution exposes them to potential infections. It is important to maintain a regular eye cleaning routine to keep your eyes safe from the infections and also keep your […]

Habit of Eyelids cleaning everyday like brushing your teeth, will make your eyes healthy, sparkling and confident.

Eyelid hygiene Is very important for all of us. Cleaning the eyes every day like brushing teeth is essential to avoid infections and allergies. Just splashing your eyes with plain water is not enough – experts suggest that you should use eyelid wipes every day to avoid conditions like Blepharitis, Meibomitis, and many other ocular […]

In most cases Blepharitis is caused by Demodex and needs an aggressive management by doctors & patients

Role of Demodex in Ocular diseases Demodex, better known as ‘eyelash mites’ inhabit hair follicles or the oil glands around the eyes. These mites cannot be seen with the naked eyes, even though you may peer hard at the mirror trying to find them. These microscopic mites belong to the arachnid family, that means they […]

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