About Us

Waypham – A company that really understands Eye Health

Waypham is a forward-thinking company focused on bringing eye health and eye hygiene products that give you a complete solution for eye care therapy, eye lubrication, and eye nutrition products to take complete care of your eyes.

Waypham’s leaders have spent over 3 decades learning about and meeting the needs of eye care patients in India. Through years of patient research, industry knowledge, and information exchanges with leading eye care professionals in India, our team has learnt that eye care is not about a one-time treatment, but about forming an ongoing habit and practice of eye hygiene and nutrition.

After playing a key role in establishing multiple leading eye care companies such as Allergan Inc. and Alembic in the Indian subcontinent, Waypham’s leaders have forayed into bringing a forward-thinking vision of sustainable eye care in a new India.

At Waypham, we believe that a person’s personality is reflected through their eyes. Keeping eyes hygienic, in not only important for patients but important for healthy individuals as well. Unfortunately, until now there hasn’t been much awareness in maintaining eye hygiene in India. Waypham has identified visible gaps in products for managing dry eye diseases – blepharitis, and meibomitis, and is the first company to bring a complete range of eye hygiene, eye lubrication, and eye nutrition products to India.

Our Vision

Enhancing human life through healthy eyes.

Our Mission

To provide forward-thinking, high quality eyecare products that help people preserve and protect vision and enhance quality of life.

Our Values

We’re in the business of helping people make a conscious decision to take care of their eyes.

Our values of  working with PRIDE – Passion, Respect, Integrity, Delivery, and Excellence, are core to everything we do at Waypham.

We are dedicated to the better health of your eyes

Waypham’s innovative eye health and eye hygiene products give you eye care therapy, eye lubrication, and eye nutrition for healthy eyes.

Waypham approaches to eye health with a three-part approach. Our first line of products is focused on creating a habit of maintaining eyelid hygiene. Bad eyelid hygiene is a precursor for conditions like blepharitis, meibomitis and dry eye disorders. Waypham’s range of tea-tree oil based products – Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes and Oculeaf Soft Eyelid Cleanser help in reducing the presence of demodex mites to keep eyes hygienic and prevent the onset of such diseases. Our second line of products focus on treating dry eye disorders through industry-leading formulations – Eyeway Tears and Ocuvana HA, to keep your eyes lubricated. To complete the loop, our third line of products – Vitawoods and Vitawoods Junior, focus on Ocular nutrition and ensure that your eyes get the daily nutrition they need to keep a healthy vision.

Our customers lie at the center of everything we do, and we are in the business of helping our customers make a conscious decision to take care of their eyes. For this, we strive hard to bring the latest eye health practices for our customers.

Who we are

Waypham’s leaders bring over 3 decades of leadership experience in developing and establishing eye health products in the Indian subcontinent.

Our team is made of a talented group of experts in product development, sales, marketing, supply chain operations, digital marketing, legal and regulatory affairs, medical affairs, IT and people management.

A relentless drive, forward-thinking product strategy, and positive tenacity for customers is the secret sauce that differentiates Waypham as it creates new value in Indian eye care.

Waypham Leadership

Find a purpose. The means will follow.

Siddharth Paramhans

Founder CEO & Director Waypham

Siddharth Paramhans is the Founder CEO & Director of Waypham India. He is credited with more than 30 years of success in establishing and leading spec [...]

Meera Siddharth

Founder Director Waypham

Meera Siddharth is a post graduate in English literature and has done Bachelor of Education. She has been a teacher, supports the Gurgaon based NGO de [...]

Sushil K Kumra

Mentor and Guide

Mr Sushil K Kumra, a pharma veteran and visionary leader, with over four decades of experience in Indian & international markets is mentoring Waypham [...]

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